Photo of the mask - front view.

Hack-a-Mask started as a weekend hacking project. Our goal is to design a mask that:  
▸ can be made in 1 minute
▸ has good fit around the face
▸ uses only household materials
▸ requires no special equipments or skills

illustration of paper towels, rubber bands, and tapes

Inspired by concepts in origami, we created Hack-a-Mask. It takes only 8 folds to make. It wraps around the face well and it's quite comfortable.

illustration of folding paper into a 3D mask

Although we don't know the effectiveness of Hack-a-Mask, there are evidences ( one, two, three ) to indicate that when you wear a mask, you protects others.

Universal adoption of masks by communities may help us flatten the curve of this coronavirus pandemic. #Masks4all

Making a Hack-a-Mask

Step-by-Step Illustrations

Prepare materials. 2 paper towls. 2 rubber bands. Masking tape Stack 2 paper towels and fold in half. Then fold two triangles. Fold up the bottom strip. Tape it. Fold the corner to a “hook”. Insert rubber band. Tape it. Fold the top to the middle. Tape it. Pull open. Try it on!


Photo of the mask - front view. Photo of the mask - back view. Photo of the mask - side view. Photo of the mask - another view.

Open Source

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Important notice:
This website is a documentation of a personal experiment. We make no claims and no warranty on the effectiveness and safety of Hack-a-Mask prototypes. If you choose to create a mask based on the documentation here, you agree that you are doing so at your own risks alone and we will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages.
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